About Us:

Saponine Iran pharmaceutical company has been registered in 1989. The founders of the company’s primary goal was to produce medical soaps, which was achieved very soon.

Afterwards, the medical shampoos were also added to the products. After set up the fluid line, in the next stage of development, Tablet production line was set up and production of food and dietary supplements was placed in agenda. In tablet production section, Dosage forms are also under construction.

Now, the company includes the sections of medical soaps production, medical shampoos production, Disinfectants gel and solution production, as well as tablet production.

Saponine Iran Company’s experts try to offer products with the highest possible quality, using the unique and appropriate formulas, using approved materials in company’s Control laboratories, and applying best production methods.

The company holds licensed and accredited certificates from the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the environment and it has the GMP certificate for producing medicinal products from food and drug organization.